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Popular resistance in Lamerd, Fars against assault by repressive security forces on pretext of fighting smuggling


Popular resistance against crackdown by State Security Forces
Popular resistance against crackdown by State Security Forces

The smugglers and thieves stealing astronomical figures who are controlled by Khamenei and IRGC enjoy security while deprived people are assaulted, battered and arrested on this pretext

On Saturday, agents of the oppressive security forces raided Dehsheikh village in Lamord (southern Fars Province) on the pretext of confiscating illicit goods. Among other things, they were looking to confiscate a truck carrying satellite dishes. The people in this area confronted the repressive forces and the clashes between people and security forces continued till Sunday. A number of the people and the assaulting force were injured in these clashes.
People closed the Dehsheikh-Lamord road and clashed with the security forces who had confiscated their property and planned to transfer them. A number of the vehicles of the security forces’ station were set ablaze.
Subsequently, the Iranian regime dispatched its special riot unit, the commando unit, and a drove of its hirelings. In these clashes over 100 people of Lamord and 40 of the Special Forces were injured.
To prevent the expansion of the clashes to neighboring areas, the repressive forces are barring commute of the neighboring villagers and are controlling the area with helicopters.
The smugglers and thieves stealing astronomical figures who are controlled by Khamenei and the revolutionary guards (IRGC) enjoy security and freely plunder people’s properties while the deprived people of Lamord region are assaulted, battered and arrested on the pretext of smuggling.
At a time when millions of workers have lost their jobs to the destructive policies of the regime and the devastated industry and factories and are living under the poverty line unable to earn a minimum of livelihood for themselves and their families, Khamenei and the IRGC have monopolized the economy and are controlling the ports and entry points of goods, including around 80 ports used for import and export, that has made them the greatest thieves and smugglers of Iran and the region.
According to Mohammadreza Pour-Ebrahimi, Deputy Head of the Special Committee for National Production of regime’s parliament, somewhere between 20-25 billion dollars of illicit goods annually enters the country. Rahmani Fazli, Rouhani’s Interior Minister, similarly stated in February 2015 that “the smuggling of narcotics is 20,000 billion toman annually that equals two thirds of country’s development budget. The dirty money from drug trafficking infiltrate all sections… some of the dirty money of drugs enter the country in the realms of politics, elections and the transfer of political power”.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
July 6, 2015



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