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GOP Congressman: Iran Is ‘Hitler With Nuclear Weapons’


Congressman Robert Pittenger of North Carolina
Congressman Robert Pittenger of North Carolina

In an interview with Radio Fox News, on 16 June 2015, Congressman Robert Pittenger of North Carolina said: “Iran has been under the oppression of the ayatollahs and the mullahs now for 30 years and there’s a tremendous movement inside Iran, encouraged by people who came from all over the world to this meeting in Paris and the intent was to declare to the world and to Iran a full commitment to find liberty and find freedom to that great country,” the North Carolina Republican said on WBT radio.
“I really told them that the American people, the American congress stood in solidarity with them on issues related to human rights and the lack of human rights in their country,” he said. “The oppression of the people, we stood with them against the nuclear agreement that is being forged right now with Iran. As well as Iran being a sponsor of terrorism throughout the Middle East and throughout the world.”
The congressman said the Iranian threat was equal to “Hitler with nuclear weapons.”
“What we see today is Hitler with nuclear weapons potentially and that is the greatest threat this world has ever seen,” he added.



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