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Iran: Inmates and security in Shiraz prison clashed


 Security, inmates in Shiraz prison clash
Security, inmates in Shiraz prison clash
Clashes between inmates and security in Adel-Abad prison, Shiraz, southwestern Iran led to the intervention by the anti-riot guards and consecutive battering and beating of the prisoners.
According to reports, the skirmishes started on the second floor of the prison, ward no. 11 and then it spread to other wards and sections of the prison prompting the anti-riot forces to intervene which resulted in violent clashes between the security and inmates.
Officials have been silent and no reasons for the cause of the skirmishes have been reported, but many sources say it must have to do something with the six prisoners being hanged the same morning.
Normally when prisoners are sent to the solitary for next day’s execution, a feeling of unrest and revulsion arises amongst the prisoners which lead to unrest and clashes. Attempts to find out about the number of injured or other details have failed to produce result.