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Sen. Dan Sullivan: I am deeply distrust of the leadership in Iran


Senator Dan Sullivan
Senator Dan Sullivan
The Alaska Senator Dan Sullivan wrote in an article published in the Juneau Empire that "the truth is that the president had been threatening to veto this act for weeks, and only “agreed” to sign it after it became clear that a veto-proof bipartisan majority of U.S. senators, myself included, would override the president’s attempts to keep the public from weighing in on his deal with Iran through their representatives in Congress."
He added that “Congress should have a say in any nuclear weapons deal between the US and Iran.” And now we will have a say; not because the president “agreed,” but because a bipartisan group of senators forced his hand.
The IAEA says that Iran is in violation of the 1970 nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty and the country continues to thwart the U.N. Security Council’s resolutions and refuses to make public its complete program. Just last month, Yukiya Amano, IAEA’s director-general said, “We are still not in a position to conclude that all nuclear material in Iran is (for a) peaceful purpose. … Progress has been very limited in clarifying issues with possible military dimensions.”
Senator Sullivan adds, "For me, the bottom line is that I don’t trust Iran’s leadership. And from my years working on these issues — as a U.S. Marine officer in the Middle East, as a U.S. assistant secretary of state who helped lead efforts to encourage our allies to economically isolate Iran, and now from the information I’ve received as a U.S. senator — I have good reason not to.
My job is to keep my state and my country safe from declared enemies of the United States, like Iran. I’ll continue to lay out the facts in order to do so.