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A command and control post south of Saudi borders was destroyed


Houthi base bombed during an air strike in Yemen
Houthi base bombed during an air strike in Yemen
Gen. Ahmad al-Asiri, the spokesman for the operation "Decisive Storm" of the Saudi led regional coalition said the air strikes have targeted all Houthi military convoys sending reinforcement to aid Houthi rebels fighting tribes loyal to president Hadi in south of Yemen. Gen Asiri also said that the Houthi concentration of forces near the southern Saudi borders has also been targeted by the coalition aircrafts.
The Apache helicopters belonging to the coalition ground forces bombed a military base near the southern Saudi borders. This place was used as a command and control base for Houthis to attack Saudi soil and a collection of heavy machinery and military hardware were stationed there. The Houthis were trying to use this base as a hub to execute that attack inside Saudi soil. This base, according to the Regional Coalition Forces, was totally destroyed during last 24 hours.