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Marco Rubio: Much of our strategy in the region driven by desire not to offend Iran


Sen. Marco Rubio
Sen. Marco Rubio

Washington Times - Sen. Marco Rubio weighed in on the new chaos in Yemen by surmising that much of the administration’s current strategy in the region is being driven by a desire to keep Iran at the negotiating table on a nuclear deal.
"This is about Iran again, the source of instability in the region and in many parts of the world, he said Wednesday evening on Fox News. “These are Shia militias and Shia rebels that are continuing to make advances there, and they are equipped and protected and supported by Iran and it is part of their strategy to become the dominant regional power. It’s part of encircling Saudi Arabia, a Sunni country.
Saudi Arabia and allies have started airstrikes in a bid to turn back Iranian- backed Houthi rebels in Yemen, and the White House announced Wednesday evening that President Obama has authorized the provision of “logistical and intelligence support in the effort.
"So you see now their presence in Yemen, they’ve basically invaded Iraq, obviously the influence [they] have in Lebanon, they control Assad in Syria, Mr. Rubio said. “So slowly but surely, they are carrying out their master plan of regional dominance, and Yemen is the latest piece of that puzzle.
"While Iran is carrying out this plan of master regional dominance, we’re at the negotiating table with them, and I continue to believe that much of our strategy in the region at this point is being driven by a desire not to offend them so they don’t get up and walk away from the negotiating table, Mr. Rubio said.




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