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Iran’s Islamic fundamentalism is setting Brazil as its operational base in the Latin America


Argentine prosecutor Alberto Nisman
Argentine prosecutor Alberto Nisman
A Brazilian investigative journalist has briefed members of U.S. congress on the Iranian regime’s terrorist activities in Latin America.
In a statement titled "Brazil as an operational hub for Iran and Islamic Terrorism," Coutinho discusses not only his findings while working for Brazil’s Veja magazine, but also late Aregentinian prosecutor Alberto Nisman’s tireless work.
"Official investigations carried out by Argentine, American, and Brazilian authorities have revealed how Brazil figures into the intricate network set up to ’export Iran’s Islamic Revolution’ to the West, by both establishing legitimacy and regional support while simultaneously organizing and planning terrorist attacks," Coutinho said, according toBusiness Insider.
"Despite the fact that Brazil has never been the target of one of these terrorist attacks, the country plays the role of a safe haven for Islamic extremist groups, as explained below."
According to the journalist, Nisman’s 502-page dictum on the 1994 Buenos Aires terrorist attack "not only describes the operations of the network responsible for this terrorist attack, it also names those who carried it out. Consequently, the document lists twelve people in Brazil with ties to Hezbollah, who reside or resided in Brazil. Seven of these operatives had either direct or indirect participation in the AMIA bombing."
Nisman’s findings said that Hezbollah and top government officials in Iran orchestrated the AMIA attack.


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