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Tehran: 4,000 deaths annually due to pollution in the capital alone


Tehran freeway under polluted air
Tehran freeway under polluted air
Iranian regime MP, member of the parliament’s environmental committee revealed that more than 4,000 people die annually in Tehran alone due to air pollution.
Iran’s official Fars news agency quoted Lahooti from the parliament’s environment committee as saying that the country has fallen 70 notches down on the issue of environment amongst the international community. He added that there was supposed to be a budged assigned to the clean air project and fighting pollution, but this budget has been drastically cut and the government is not doing anything about this catastrophic crisis.
Quoting the number of deaths in the capital alone to reach 4 to 5 thousands annually due to the suffocating pollution, Lahooti added that there are 3,000 old busses and 10,000 overworked taxis that are contributing to this catastrophic phenomenon daily. He complained that the city officials’ responsibility is not just to say that there is pollution, they also ought to take steps to correct this crisis.


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