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Iran’s government budget deficit forecasted for next year is %41


Iran budget deficit more than forcasted
Iran budget deficit more than forcasted
Iranian regime member of parliament, Ahmad Tavakkoli said on Friday that the budget set for next year is 89 trillion tomans meaning at least %41 deficit from the previously forecasted value.
Fars news agency, affiliated to the IRGC citing Tavakkoli as saying "the budget deficit seems to be Zero at first, but when you subtract the tax income from the total financial resources and compare the remaining with expenditures, the real deficit would become obvious.
According to Tavakkoli the budget deficit in the draft bill was estimated at about 105trillion tomans ($42,000,000), but it was reduced to 89 trillion tomans ($35,600,000) at the compilation committee, meaning 41 percent of national resources.
The Govenrment run Mehr news agency had previously forecasted budget deficit for 1394 (2015) would be 46 trillion tommans.


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