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Iran regime surrenders to the will of the Wagon Pars employees


Wagon Pars Company in Arak
Wagon Pars Company in Arak

Following a 5-day strike and protest of 900 Wagon Pars employees in Arak, the political-security deputy of the province announced the company has decided to cancel the order to dismiss laborers’ representative from the company.
ILNA news agency, the mouthpiece of the Iran Labor ministry cited Hassan Baigi as saying that the decision was taken in the official meeting with the governor and the owners of the company and labor representatives and a number of other government official on Sunday.
Based on this report some 900 Wagon Pars workers had gone on strike in support of Ali Darakhsahndeh, the labor representative. It should be noted that the main shareholder of the company is Iran Revolutionary Guards Corp, IRGC.