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Iran; harassing Baha’i citizen


Alka Misaghi being harassed by plain clothes agents
Alka Misaghi being harassed by plain clothes agents
Plain clothes agents of the mullahs’ regime who identified themselves as Basij paramiltary force stopped "Alka Misaghi" a Baha’i citizen in one of the streets of Tabriz, northern Iran forcing her in their car. The car took off with this 19-year-old female student and after a few hours of driving around and asking a verity of questions which looked more like interrogation than just a friendly chat dropped the young lady on the other side of the city.
Alka has previously  been subjected to harassments by a number of government organizations for being Baha’i and has also received threatening messages.
A representative of supreme leader in Rafsanjan said on Dec. 2nd that Baha’is are devious and unclean, and that dealing with them is unlawful". These words have been taken as green light to the suppressive forces to intimidate and harass the Baha’is.