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Iran: More than 4.2 million Hectares of land polluted with landmines in Kurdestan


Left over landmines from Iran-Iraq war
Left over landmines from Iran-Iraq war
Despite more than a quarter of a century since the end of Iran – Iraq war, most border regions between Iran and Iraq are still saturate with landmines. Based on a report issued on landmine devastation, border regions of Kurdistan, Kermanshah, Ilam, western Azerbaijan and Khuzestan provinces are saturated with landmines planted during the 8-year war.
According to statics, 16 to 30 million mines have been planted in these regions, and 25 years since the war ended, the mines have not been neutralized.
The report also indicates that since the end of the war, more than 89 people have been killed in landmine explosions.
According to UNICEF at present some 4.2 million hectares of border regions of Kurdistan province are polluted with 17 different types of landmines.    


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