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Iran: 20-year-old young man hanged despite clemency from families of victim


A young man being hanged in Public in Iran [File Photo]
A young man being hanged in Public in Iran [File Photo]
The Iranian regime’s henchmen publicly hanged a 20-year-old man on Thursday in northeastern Iran for ‘immoral acts’ despite clemency from the family of the murdered victim.
The man identified by his initials as M. Gh. was hanged in the city of Joghatay in Khorasan province after his appeal for commuting his death sentence was rejected by the authorities.
The prosecutor general of the city whose remarks on the case were broadcasted in the media said that “the sentence was carried out in public with assertion to be an example” for others.
Ali Akbar Rahimi said: “Mr. M. Gh. had been convicted of murder and was sentenced to death for immoral acts.”
He did not elaborate on the ‘immoral acts.’
During the past week at least 20 prisoners have been hanged in Iran.
A group of ten prisoners were hanged in Ghezelhesar prison in the city of Karaj on Tuesday, according to information obtained from inside Iran.
On Wednesday, two men named only as Ali M and Ali Q were hanged in public for ’mischief’ in north-eastern city of Mashhad.
A group of five inmates were hanged in Gohardasht prison in the city of Karaj. They were part of a group of nine that had been transferred to isolation on Tuesday. Four others were returned to their cells after their execution had been delayed.
A video distributed on the internet this week shows the grief-stricken family members of eight executed prisoners mourning their loved-ones, whose bodies in black bags were lined up before them in a mortuary.
The video was secretly recorded on a mobile phone by an eyewitness who said a group of people are hanged secretly every Thursday in the city of Kerman.
The eyewitness said: "Many of the executions in this city are for possession of drugs offences. Usually these are young people who have grown up as orphans and due to poverty are now the sole breadwinners for their families."
Soaring human rights abuses in Iran, including an unprecedented rise in executions, the wave of state-organized acid attacks against women and the continuing repression of religious and ethnic minorities, bloggers, reporters and activists, are all taking place amid growing public discontent with the regime, but also in the absence of international action regarding the ongoing violation of human rights.


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