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From Reyhaneh Jabbari’s letters to her mother…


Reyhaneh Jabbari letter to her mother
Reyhaneh Jabbari letter to her mother
Dear mom, hardship can make a person strong, it makes him precise and changes his vision of the surrounding events. Perhaps things that were precious before would no longer be valuable, and those that never came to the attention would luster.
Dear mom, I thought about death a lot, not the death in prison and by hanging, but the effect that my death would leave behind and things my soul would see. I even thought of your death, it made me heartsick…
If a person is wholeheartedly thankful of God, then nothing can agonize him, or frustrate him. As it is said in Koran "so much for the things you cherish, while they are evil for you and so many things you duress and repel, while they are good for you."
Isn’t that true that a good thing comes from its negative and integrity from deficiency, science form ignorance and fertility from mortality?
Do you remember a long time ago; I told you the story of a man who had gone through change and alteration? He was reinvigorated after he lost the most precious to him, his daughter, and later his own eyes. In the darkness of an agonizing blindness, he found comfort and true insight.
So, if we too lighten up our dark sides, we will always be happy and close to one another despite being two worlds apart.


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