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Reyhaneh Jabbari’s mother: I will go to see my beloved Reyhaneh like always on the eve of Fridays


Memorial held for Reyhaneh Jabbari
Memorial held for Reyhaneh Jabbari
Mrs. Sholeh Parkravan, Reyhaneh’s mother wrote in her face book: Reyhaneh is lying beside her grandma’s grave. I am jealous of my mother, because she is hugging Reyhaneh in her arms and I can’t. Reyhaneh’s grandmother died 30 years ago. For past few days since Reyhaneh was executed last Saturday, I have been going to see her but she has been sleep and didn’t wake up and I had to return home broken hearted.
I will go to see my Reyhaneh again on the eve of her seventh day of departure. Perhaps she would wake up this time to my tears. Perhaps, if I keep my calm, as she always asked me to do, and if I appear in silence and calm, she would react to the elixir of passion and rise!!
Dear Reyhaneh, I will pledge to be at your eternal resting site without letting you hear the sound of my broken heart, without letting you see my ocean of tears, and without letting you hear the broken sound of cry. I will love you forever and ever!
Reyhaneh Jabbari, a 26-year old university student major in decoration was executed in cold heart last Saturday for defending her honor against a man who tried to sexually abuse her when she was only 19. She was framed and coursed to confess to the killing the man who tried to abuse her and finally after seven and half years in the Mullahs’ dungeons, she was hanged before dawn on Saturday Oct. 25th.