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Iraqi MP: Camp Liberty Iranians must be treated according to int’l standards


Camp Liberty
Camp Liberty
Iraqi parliamentarian Hassan Khozair Shoyred from the al-Watania Coalition stated that Camp Liberty residents have the right of access to food, medicine and secure lodging and that their patients need to receive normal treatment in the hospitals. He emphasized that the residents’ human rights need to be guaranteed.
According to the Aswat al-Hurra Website, Shoyred added: “Our position in the al-Watania faction headed by Dr. Ayad Allawi that the human rights of camp’s residents have to be respected has been lucid from day one.” He stated that the international covenants rule the relation between Camp Liberty residents and the Iraqi government and as such, the residents of this camp have to be treated according to these laws.
Mr. Hassan Shoyred further emphasized that the treatment of the residents in this camp should be in the framework of international standards that would be worthy of Iraq and its credibility. Aswat al-Hurra website wrote: It should be mentioned that Iraq’s security organs prevent the residents of this camp from taking a number of their patients to hospitals for treatment. Camp residents consider this a medical siege that has led to the death of a number of them. Moreover, every now and then, Iraqi security organs obstruct entry of basic goods such as food, medicine, water and fuel to the residents which is considered a dangerous violation of international law in the human rights domain.


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