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Iranian regime executed a man in Marivan


Executions on the rise in Iran under Rouhani
Executions on the rise in Iran under Rouhani
An Iranian man has been hanged secretly in the main prison in the city of Marivan after he had been held eight years in jail.
Haydar Masror was hanged last Thursday. The Iranian regime’s judiciary has not announced his execution.
Previous reports have indicated that the Iranian regime’s henchmen hanged at least 13 prisoners on Sunday October 19, 2014 in Ghezel-Hessar Karaj Prison, Tabriz Central Prison and Rasht Central Prison.
18-year-old Fardin Jaafarian was hanged in Tabriz prison for allegedly committing a crime when he was 14.
A group of eight inmates hanged in Ghezel-Hessar prison while another group of four executed in Rasht prison.
Meanwhile, at least six inmates lost their lives due to the excruciating conditions at a death camp and inhumane pressures by henchmen.
The men arrested in city of Bandar Abbas as a part of mass arrests carried out in the city October 12-17 under the pretext of fighting against drugs. They were all imprisoned in Camp Jabal-Bor in Bissim area of the city,