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Iran: new charges laid out against a children’s rights activist


Pol. Prisoner Saeed Shirzad
Pol. Prisoner Saeed Shirzad
Saied Shirzad, a children’s rights activist and a political prisoner was summoned to hear further charges laid out against him. Mr. Shirzad’s lawyer said he has been notified of the new charges against his client, but the nature of those is not yet known. He added; it has been 10 days since his client’s temporarily detention of 4 months has been expired, but the authorities do not release him. He said the new charges against his client is said to be related to his activities with youth prisoner linked to the Mojahedin PMOI.
Saied Shirzad was arrested on June, 2nd of this year at his work place in Tabriz oil refinery and was transferred to Tehran prison.


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