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Crimes of Maliki militia, ISIS condemned in UN Human Rights Council session


United Nations Human Rights Council
United Nations Human Rights Council
Crimes committed by Maliki militants and ISIS were condemned by the United Nations Human Rights council session. Members of the council described the massacre of Sunni worshippers in Diyala, execution of hundreds of prisoners and bombings of civilian regions by Maliki’s as war crimes, and the envoys of various countries stressed on the need to establish an inclusive government in Iraq.
The UN Human Rights Council added indiscriminate shelling are targeting hospitals and schools in conflict areas, and more than 1.2 million Iraqis are displaced, half of which are children.
On the other hand, Deputy High Commissioner Flavia Pansieri of the UN Refugee Agency said at the opening of this emergency session that planned and deliberate attacks are considered war crimes and crimes against humanity, and there are people who are responsible for these crimes, with Maliki government officials seen among them.


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