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New latest reports of protests in Iran


Protests in Iran
Protests in Iran

A group of people rallied on Monday, August 30th, protesting extremely high prices for food stuffs. The protesters were chanting, “Decent prices are our rights”. Repressive state agents dispersed the protesters, fearing their rally would escalate.

More than 150 retired workers of the Isfahan steel mill rallied on Sunday, August 31st, outside the central office of this company, protesting being expelled from their work and hiring new individuals. These workers were all educated technicians and had over 7 years of experience in this company.

A group of contractors building homes in this city rallied on Sunday, August 31st, protesting the regime’s refusal to give them the homes they paid for over two years ago.

Shahr-e Kord
A group of Bakhtiari Iranians rallied outside the judiciary in this city along with the family of a 28-year old inmate, protesting the death sentence issued for him and saying this verdict was unfair, and demanding an appeal immediately. The protesters threatened heavy consequences if the appeals court doesn’t change this decision.