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Iran state forces raid father’s home of executed Kurd pol prisoner, threaten family


Shirin Alam Holi
Shirin Alam Holi
 (NCRI – July 23, 2014)
Local sources reported Iranian regime security forces in the city of Maku raided the home of the father of Shirin Alam Holi, an executed Kurdish political prisoner, searching the items and threatening him to not post any pictures or life stories of his daughter to media outlets. If any such documents are published in Kurdish media they will confiscate his home.
It is worth noting that prior to this on the day marking the anniversary of Shirin Alam Holi’s execution, her mother, sister and cousins were all arrested by security forces. They were all released on bail.
Shirin Alam Holi was executed on the morning of 9 May 2010 along with other Kurdish political prisoners by the names of Farzad Kamangar, Ali Heidarian, Farhad Vakili and a Fars prisoner by the name of Mehdi Islamiyan in Tehran’s notorious Evin Prison.


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