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Iran: Chador publicized in elementary school books


Even schoolgirls forced to wear hijab & chador
Even schoolgirls forced to wear hijab & chador
In more Iran crackdown against women, Mullah Mohiadin Bahram Mohammadian, a senior official in the Iranian government’s Ministry of Education, said, “Clothing and chador have been brought into education books of the sixth grade.”
“In this book and the 15th lesson, there is a lesson on various clothing for social groups, local clothing for various ethnic groups, clothing of Iranians in the past, production of clothing in the past and present, and the purchasing of clothing. In this book there are issues directly leading to hijab and this subject is covered in the lesson of ‘clothing’ in this elementary school book”, he stipulated. (State-run Fars news agency – July 11, 2014)