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Pedro Agramunt, member of the Spanish Parliament


Pedro Argamunt 1
Pedro Argamunt 1
Pedro Agramunt: "Madam Rajavi, ladies and gentlemen, dear friends, colleagues, thank you for the effort to be here after more than eleven hours, but this is for the freedom, democracy and human rights in Iran.
Last year we invited Madam Rajavi to a hearing in the EPP, People’s Party group meeting in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. She spoke about her vision for a future and democratic Iran and also the plight of the three thousand residents in Camp Liberty in Iraq, who have resisted all the pressure by Maliki and the Iranian regime. Since then things are developing. Over eight hundred people have been executed in Iran since the so called moderate Rouhani became president. This shows that this regime has no prospect for reform and the mullahs have to go.
After the massacre in Ashraf last year, a secular democratic government must be formed. That is why I’m very happy to be here in this great gathering to be able to express my best wishes for Madam Rajavi, your movement and the Iranian people.
We are getting close to the moment that the people of Iran can breathe freely with no fear. They deserve it and this is a day I have waited for it for far long time. I can assure that I will continue to support you both in the Council of Europe as well as in the Spanish Senate."


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