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Letter to Navi Pillay to review matter of Iranian kid girls given away to marriages


Young girls given into early marriages in Iran under mullahs
Young girls given into early marriages in Iran under mullahs
The “Justice of Iran” organization issued a letter to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights calling for her attention to the situation of kid girls in Iran being given away to forced marriages.
This letter, sent on Tuesday, July 8th, takes into consideration Navi Pillay’s emphasis on including human rights violations in the talks with the P5+1, and calls for the UN Human Rights Commissioner and the UN Human Rights Council to call on the Iranian regime to provide explanations on the issue of kid girls being given away into very early marriages.
In this letter there is an emphasis on subjects such as “unconditional approval of international conventions on compliance in marriages, minimum age of marriages and registering marriages by Iran”, “reforming internal laws with the goal of banning marriages for under 18-year old girls” and “judicial prosecution of all individuals responsible for giving away kid girls to marriages such as clerics, husbands and judges that issue licenses for such marriages.”
Based on the latest statistics presented in 2013, over 5% of the women that were married in the past 5 months were under the age of 15 and the marriages of nearly 31,000 kid girls under the age of 15 were registered during this period.
From March 2012 to March 2013, the marriages of nearly 41,000 girls in Iran under the age of 15 were registered, and the number of girls between the ages of 15 to 19 getting married was registered at over 265,000 counts.
From 2006 to this day the number of kid girls under the 15 getting married in Iran has increased gradually. Furthermore, during this period each year over one third of the newlyweds in Iran have been under the age of 19, in a way that from March to December 2013, around 178,000 women who had gotten married were between 15 to 19 years old.
The increasing number of kid girls being forced into marriages is while there is no legal measures to prevent this and no legal age limit for girls getting married. Although the law says the legal age for girls getting married is 13 and boys is 15, clerics - with the agreement of a judge - are permitted to allow marriages at any age when the child is born. After early marriages most girls are deprived of education and are faced with the threat of damages such as “household violence” and “sexual harassment”.


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