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Iran: regime officials reveal tip of the iceberg on billions plundered by factions


Financial corruption increasing in Iran under Rouhani
Financial corruption increasing in Iran under Rouhani
Mohsen Safaei Farahati of the so-called ‘Participation’ faction admitted to just a tip of the iceberg of plundering and thefts by the regime’s ruling factions.
“There truly must be an answer to whatever happened to $750 billion in the span of 8 years? Where is the money and in who’s hands? If they say this money was spent on the country and invested in large projects, then say which projects?” he asked in an interview with the state-run Khabar Online website.
“Around 120 entities, organizations and various foundations across the country are economically active, and there is no adequate control over their actions. Around 65% of Iran’s economy is in the hands of these entities and organizations. These entities are those who gain the most through state-run renting schemes and in return, publish the least reports and information about their actions. There is no supervision over their measures,” Farahati admitted.