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West prods Iran to speed up cooperation with IAEA inquiry


European Union
European Union
Reuters, Vienna, 4 Jun 2014 - Iran faced Western pressure on Wednesday to speed up its promised cooperation with a U.N. nuclear watchdog investigation into suspected atomic bomb research by Tehran, something the Islamic state denies.
The European Union - which groups three of the six powers seeking to negotiate a settlement to a decade-old dispute with Iran over its nuclear program - noted that “some” progress had been made in separate talks between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).
But, the 28-nation EU added in a statement to the IAEA’s 35-nation governing board, “We call on Iran to provide all the relevant information to the agency, to address fully the substance of all of the agency’s concerns and to accelerate its cooperation with the agency.”
Western diplomats have long accused Tehran of stonewalling the IAEA’s investigation.
In a separate statement to the IAEA governors’ meeting, Canada said it “still believes that the pace of cooperation from Iran is too slow.”


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