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Pol. Prisoner, Gholamreza Khosravi was brutally executed by the Mullahs’ regime in Gohardasht prison today


Gholamreza Khossravi
Gholamreza Khossravi

On the day that the Iranian people celebrate the occasion of the birth of Imam Hossein, the third in the reign of Moslem religion, the Mullahs’ regime executed and martyred Pol. Prisoner, Gholamreza Khosravi in Gohardasht prison at dawn on Sunday.

Gholamreza Khossravi who had spent 12 years of his life in mullahs’ regime dungeons and over 40 months in solitary confinement, was sentenced to death only for his support for People’s Mojahedin of Iran, PMOI\MEK.

Mr. Gholamreza Khossravi, 49, from the city of Abadan, father to a son and a welder, was condemned to death on the mullahs-fabricated charge of “Moharebeh” (enmity towards God) on April 21, 2012. He was one of the political prisoners of the 1980s and was imprisoned for five years in Kazeroun prison at the age of 16 for supporting the PMOI/MEK. He was once again arrested in 2007 and while deprived of the least fair legal process, was condemned to six years in prison. In 2010, while just two years remained of his sentence, the mullahs’ judicial system retried him for his contribution to the PMOI and condemned him to death on the charge of ‘Moharebeh’. The clerical regime had time and again tried in no vain to extract forced TV confessions from him under torture.
In the savage raid of April 17 on Ward 350 of Evin Prison, henchmen battered and injured Mr. Khossravi with special spite and brutality and he was transferred to the solitary confinement of Ward 240 with bloodied and bruised body while his head and face were wounded and his right ear torn.
The brutal and inhumane execution of Mr. Gholamreza Khosravi shows nothing but the weakness, prostration and incompetence of the kneeling Velayat Faqih regime.