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Iran’s internal disputes flaring over European Parliament resolution


Mullah Ahmad Khatami
Mullah Ahmad Khatami

The state-run Fars news agency reported on Tuesday, April 8th, Mullah Ahmad Khatami, a senior member of the regime’s so-called Assembly of Experts, said to a gathering of mullahs on Tuesday in the city of Qom protesting the European Parliament resolution, “We will not allow the enemies establish another spy house in Iran… they support the (PMOI)”.
“We expected from government officials that if Obama insults the Iranian people he must receive a firm response from the same post of our country, and we must not show flexibility vis-à-vis the enemies; they want to overthrow the state, as they did in Ukraine…” he added in harsh remarks aimed at Rouhani’s policies.
Mullah Hassan Arabazadeh, a senior mullah in the city of Kerman, at a gathering protesting the EP resolution lashed out at Rouhani’s policies and said, “Some people say many such resolutions have been issued. However, we don’t remember such a resolution with these articles and demands. This is yet another result of the smiles we are giving the enemy behind the negotiating table”.



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