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Iran supporting Hoothis & separatists in Yemen


Iran’s meddling in Yemen is no longer a suspicious matter and it has become a proven reality, said Yemenis presidential advisor Fars al-Saqaf and also head of the Yemen National Center for Strategic Studies, in remarks published by Kuwait’s al-Seyassah daily.
“The sanctions committee in the United Nations is investigating on the weapons sent by Tehran to armed groups in Yemen. Furthermore, court rulings have been issued against suspects in Yemen in this regard,” he added.
“How can Iran have official relations with Yemenis officials and at the same time the mullahs, its religious centers and Iranian religious figures have relations with the Abdul-Malak al-Howthi’s group in the north, and separatists in the south? Iran provides political, diplomatic, propaganda and training support to these groups and also sends them money and weapons,” he added.