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Senior Iraqi sheikh condemns Maliki’s restrictions-aggressions against Liberty residents


Senior Iraqi Mufti Sheikh Rafe al-Refaei
Senior Iraqi Mufti Sheikh Rafe al-Refaei
Senior Iraqi Mufti (religious leader) Sheikh Rafe al-Refaei said aggressions and attacks by Maliki’s government, along with imposing a blockade against Liberty refugees, show that Nouri Maliki and his government are employees of the regime ruling Tehran, al-Tagheer TV reported.
Dr. al-Refaei condemned the imposed restrictions on Liberty residents, adding Maliki’s government is increasing the suffocating limitations against the camp residents’ liberties.
“Maliki’s military apparatus is killing innocent people in al-Anbar Province, destroying their homes, and they respect no limits in murdering people based on their identities, and they even launch missiles into Saudi soil and they are meddling in the Syrian war in an unbridled manner,” he said.
“What is the international community doing in the face of Maliki’s measures?” the Iraqi sheikh added.


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