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Russian forces take over Ukrainian submarine, fleet says


Russian forces tightening grip over Ukraine’s Crimea Pensinsula
Russian forces tightening grip over Ukraine’s Crimea Pensinsula
AFP reported on March 22nd that Russian forces have taken control of Ukraine’s only submarine in Crimea, the Zaporozhye, and raised the Russian navy flag over the vessel, the Russian Black Sea Fleet said on Saturday.
"The former Ukrainian submarine Zaporozhye was moved about an hour ago to join the Russian Black Sea Fleet’s submarine division," fleet spokesman Vyacheslav Trukhachyov told AFP.
The Ukrainian flag on the submarine was replaced by the St Andrew’s flag, a blue cross on a white background, of the Russian navy.
A submarine that appeared to be the Zaporozhye could be seen in Sevastopol Bay on Saturday.
The submarine was previously based in nearby Striletska Bay when under Ukrainian control.
Russian forces this week have taken over several Ukrainian fleet vessels as well as navy headquarters in Sevastopol, tightening their military grip on Crimea after its inclusion into Russia by the parliament in Moscow.


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