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Continuing student protests across Iran


Student protest gatherings flaring in Iran
Student protest gatherings flaring in Iran

Girl students in the Yazd Open University staged a gathering and clashed with campus security agents, protesting the mandatory regulations to wear chadors. The repressive forces responded by storming their gathering.

Shahr Kord:
The Iranian regime’s police on Wednesday, February 26th, stationed at the entrance of the Payam Nour University in this city, under the pretext of fighting against improper veiling and arrested around 40 girls and boys, holding them in the streets in an insulting manner.
This repressive measure raised other students’ anger and responded by clashing with the security forces. People in this area entered the scuffle and beat a number of the police agents, while the entire incident led to 30 students being arrested.

Isfahan University students staged a gathering protesting the arrest of a fellow student by campus security agents under bogus charges of having long hair. The protesters managed to free their classmate.

On Tuesday, February 25th, computer students in Isfahan’s Mohajer University protested the changing of their class schedules and demanded a re-change in the class schedules.