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Iranian regime admits meddling in Syria


Iran has trained & dispatched hundreds of thousands to support Assad in Syria
Iran has trained & dispatched hundreds of thousands to support Assad in Syria
Iranian Majlis (parliament) member Mullah Nabavian, from Khamenei’s faction, shed light on the wide scope of the mullahs’ interfering in Syria.
“We brought 150,000 Syrians to Iran and gave them military training, and we trained another 150,000 there, and we sent 50,000 Hezbollah members there, and the Hezbollah announced it has 80,000 missiles ready to launch against Israel. This was how the US was defeated in Syria,” a state-run reported citing this Majlis member.
The Kuwait-based al-Seyassah daily published a report evaluating the meddling of the Iranian regime and Iraqi militants linked to Maliki in Syria. “In implementing Revolutionary Guards’ orders aimed at supporting the Assad regime, Iraqi militant leaders have recruited thousands of people to dispatch to Syria.”
This Kuwaiti daily added: A member of the State of Law coalition associated to Maliki revealed that Iraqi militant leaders have received urgent orders from the terrorist Quds Force commander Ghasem Suleimani regarding two security issues in Iraq and Syria through recruiting thousands of new militants to dispatch to Syria. The recruited people have gone to Iran for training and afterwards they are dispatched to Syria through land and air.
In this regard the Assad regime has finalized the military determination with the support of the Iranian regime and Russia, and the ongoing talks between this regime and the opposition under the Geneva II framework are only maneuvers aimed at gaining more time in order to complete their preparations until the end of spring as the time to begin a military counterattack, this Kuwaiti daily added.


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