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Popular protests growing in various Iranian cities


Protest gatherings increasing throughout Iranian cities
Protest gatherings increasing throughout Iranian cities
Tehran: A group of families of Iranian Sunni political prisoners gathered outside Rouhani’s office in Tehran demanding the release of their enchained loved ones.
Najaf Abad, Isfahan: The parents of elementary and high school students gathered outside the regime’s education department in this city protesting extortion imposed by regime elements on the students to hold a ceremony marking the 1979 February revolution. The regime officials were pressuring the students to pay 300,000 to 1 million rials (around $27) each for this event.
Tehran: People in a district in the Iranian capital staged a gathering and protest rally preventing the destruction of green areas in this region by the regime’s municipality officials.
Paveh: A group of workers of the Sana Company building a dam went on strike protesting not receiving their salaries for the past 8 months.
Khoram Abad: Drivers of transportation vehicles in the Payam Nour University staged a gathering for the second time protesting their low wages considering the harsh conditions they have making ends meet.


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