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Iranian MP: we gave up nuke program in Geneva deal


Mullah Mahmoud Nabavian
Mullah Mahmoud Nabavian
Mullah Mahmoud Nabavian, a member of Iran’s Majlis (parliament) said the mullahs’ regime has given up its nuclear program in the Geneva deal.
“This agreement has five sections, including an introduction, step one, mid-steps, the final steps and conclusion. In the first step we saw our commitments. In the commitments, we nearly gave up the nuclear program. Half of Natanz, three quarters of Fordo, the Arak heavy water plant which was the leader’s red line and all of Arak. We suspended everything, 97% of the centrifuge production, the UCF plant in Isfahan and the fuel rods,” he said.
“From July 2012 the US closed all world banks to us. If all of Iran’s banks are closed for a week or a month, imagine what damage the country will face? As a result, we cannot transfer even a dollar through the banks,” Nabavian complained.


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