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Ghasem Suleimani: exporting terrorism & warmongering are mullahs’ “main characteristic”


Ghasem Soleimani
Ghasem Soleimani
In an interview on Thursday, February 13th, Ghasem Suleimani, head of the Revolutionary Guards terrorist Quds Force, emphasized on continuing terrorist policies and warmongering, adding this is amongst the regime’s main characteristics.
Suleimaini also delivered a speech in Semnan on the anniversary of the death of Hassan Shateri, a senior Quds Force commander killed by Syrian rebels on his path from Damascus to Lebanon.
“Supporting fighters and Islamic currents, and defending Muslims against aggression against Islam are two exclusive characteristics of the Islamic republic,” he said in demagogic manner.
Amidst the regime’s back to back nuclear retreats, Suleimani also attempted to depict the regime’s and strength by resorting again to these characteristics of terrorism and warmongering by describing them as the “regime’s upper hand” in the region.
“Countries that claim to lead the Islamic world, for decades to come they will not be able to take our place as the leader of the Islamic world, because of these two characteristics,” he said.
Suleimani also referred to the regime’s warmongering in Lebanon, Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq in saying, “These are characteristics of the country’s role”.