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Iranian regime must stop uranium enrichment above 5%: John Kerry


 US Secretary of State John Kerry
US Secretary of State John Kerry
US Secretary of State John Kerry said in his speech at the Davos Summit in Switzerland that Iran’s nuclear program is becoming more sophisticated.
From this week Iran’s nuclear weapons program is dismantling in a very important way. This regime must stop uranium enrichment above 5% and will not be permitted to increase its 3.5% stockpile, he said. Iran will not be allowed to take any step for the illegal use of the Arak plutonium reactor, the US top diplomat said.
Rouhani said here he has no intention to building a nuclear weapon, yet just words are meaningless and must be backed by practical measures, Kerry added. Certainly, a country with a peaceful nuclear weapon does not need to build an enrichment facility at night and in the depth of mountains, he continued, emphasizing such a country has no need for a heavy water reactor to produce weapons-grade plutonium, such as the one existing in Arak, he added.
Eurasia Group, a political-risk research and consulting firm, lists "America's troubled alliances" as the number one global risk for 2014.
"US allies perceive a poorly defined and vastly reduced US role in the world," the firm said in its report.
Mr Kerry's forceful assurances that America is fully engaged diplomatically were applauded in Davos, but many of Washington's allies will argue that diplomacy only really works if it is backed by force


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