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Obama must tell Maliki to release Ashraf Seven, German lawmakers demands


Former German Federal Bundestag speaker Dr Rita Suessmuth
Former German Federal Bundestag speaker Dr Rita Suessmuth
NCRI, 2 Nov 2013 - US President Barack Obama must insist on the release of the seven Ashraf hostages in meeting with Iraqi prime minister Nouri al-Maliki in Washington, the former president of Germany’s Bundestag joined with lawmakers has demanded.
In a letter President Obama, Dr Rita Suessmuth reminded him of America’s promise to protect all Iranian dissidents in Iraq.
She wrote: “52 people were executed and seven people have been taken hostage. They are currently being held captive in Baghdad without any reason. We fear that these Iranian dissidents will be extradited to Iran where they will face torture and execution.
“Therefore, we appeal to you to do everything in your power to help these refugees and to secure their release. “We ask you to place this issue as a precondition for your talks with Prime Minister al-Maliki.
“The US granted these Iranian dissidents protection and promised that their security would be guaranteed, thus, as the President of the United States of America, we ask you to commit yourself to this humanitarian and international obligation.
“The silence of the international community is tantamount to collaboration and will lead to further human catastrophes.
“The UN General Secretary, Ban ki Moon, and the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Mrs Pillay, have demanded the release of the 7 people and to investigate the killings of September 1.”
Also a number of German lawmakers and dignitaries have co-signed the letter.