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25 Iraqi Kurdistan MPs call for release of 7 Ashrafi hostages, protection for Liberty


Kurdistan Parliament - Iraq
Kurdistan Parliament - Iraq

INTV, 30 Oct 2013 – In the second phase of the campaign in defense of Iranian refugees’ rights in Iraq, coinciding with the international campaign, we announce that our activities continue with the goal of providing security and protection for the lives of Iranian refugees in Iraq, especially for the release of seven Ashrafi hostages who were abducted by the Iraqi government during the 1 September 2013 massacre in Ashraf. In the second phase of this campaign, 25 Iraqi Kurdistan MPs from various factions have joined the files of supporters and relying on humanitarian and human rights values, support the legitimate demands of Liberty hunger strikers who are beginning the third month of their hunger strike and in dire conditions. With their support of the demands of Liberty residents hunger strikers based on the release of the seven Ashrafi hostages, calling on the US government and United Nations to impel Maliki to immediately release the 7 Ashrafi hostages, and take action regarding the stationing of UN forces in Camp Liberty to protect the lives of the residents.
It is worth noting that in the first phase of this campaign, with the results announced on October 14th, 37 organizations and prominent political and social dignitaries supporting the statement demanded the release of the seven abducted Camp Ashraf residents.

MP Signatories:
Ashti Aziz Saleh
Bakr Karim Mohamed Saleh
Bayad Hassan Ahmed Kuchari
Parvin Abdolrahman Abdullah
Peiman Abdolkarim Abdolqader
Jamal Taher Ibrahim
Hamdiya Ma’ruf Ahmed Taha
Dana Saeed Sofi
Saer Abdolahad Aghustin
Sorur Abdolrahman Omar
Samira Abdolrahman Ismaeel
Shalir Mohamed Najib
Abdolrahman Hossein Abubakr
Abdol-Islam Mostafa Sediq
Abdol Qader Akram Bazargan
Azimiya Najmedin Hassan
Omar Abdol-aziz Bahadin
Mohamed Mousa Mostafa
Mohamed Saeed Mohamed Ali
Nasek Tofiq Abdol-karim
Nariman Abdullah Qader
Nasrin Jamal Mostafa
Hazhe Suleiman Mostafa Madhhar
Yavuz Khurshid Othman
Bashar Najmadin Nuredin