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Egyptian parliamentary and human rights dignitaries condemn Ashraf massacre


Egyptian MPs are among the dignitaries condemning the Ashraf massacre
Egyptian MPs are among the dignitaries condemning the Ashraf massacre

INTV, 20 Sep 2013 – A group of Egyptian parliamentary and human rights dignitaries issued a statement condemning the September 1st massacre in Ashraf. The following is a translation from the original Arabic text.


17 September 2013

The Iraqi government not only conducted a vicious massacre by its special forces in Camp Ashraf on 1 September 2013, leaving 52 Iranian opposition members in Iraq dead, it has also taken seven residents hostage and by violating international covenants and conventions, and commitments and obligations stipulated in its signed Memorandum of Understanding between its government, the United Nations and United States, especially regarding the guarantee these dissidents’ safety, who are internationally protected based on the 4th Geneva Convention, Baghdad is preparing to hand them over to Iran.
We condemn in the strongest terms the criminal bloody aggression attack against these innocent protected persons in Camp Ashraf, which lead to the death of many of these defenseless refugees. We call on the US government and UN to not suffice to just condemning this barbaric aggression, and intervene immediately with the Iraqi government for the release of the abducted hostages. They must warn the Iraqi government of the consequences of handing them over to Tehran’s regime, which has prepared its famous gallows for them.
We are certain the September 1 attack will not be the last against refugees who have forcefully departed their camp in Ashraf. They have gathered them now in a very tight and very dangerous area near Baghdad airport by the name of Camp Liberty, in a manner that over 3,000 refugees are stationed there and all signs in Baghdad indicate evil intentions for a widespread attack against Camp Liberty in order to annihilate another group of these dissidents under the framework of plans prepared by the tyrannous Tehran regime aimed at crushing these fighters and bringing an end to their very existence as the main opposition to this autocratic regime.
In this regard we pledge our full support to a call made by Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, leader of the Iranian opposition, to the US and UN based on the necessity of urgent action for the release of the seven hostages and providing security for Liberty residents through a series of practical and substantive measures, and the stationing of UN blue-helmet forces in this camp in order to guarantee protection of its residents.
We praise the souls of the victims of this criminal aggression in Camp Ashraf, most of whom were killed with their hands tied behind their backs in a mass summary execution with the attackers placing a bullet to their heads. We also express our deepest condolences to the families of these victims and the leadership of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran, their supporters across the globe and the Iranian people for the death of the vanguards in their struggle. We emphasize the necessity to refer the murderers, and those in Tehran and Baghdad who were supporting them, to the International Criminal Court in The Hague to be justly punished for the crimes they have committed, crimes that are a shame for humanity.



Mostafa Hamouda (Parliament Vice President)
Tareq Sahri (Parliament Vice President)
Sameh Fouzi (Member of Assembly Council)
Salah al-Sayegh (Member of Assembly Council)
Abdolfattah Hossein (Member of Assembly Council)
Awad al-Jabali (Member of Assembly Council)
Ahmed al-Sharif (Member of Parliament)
Mohamed Emara (Member of Parliament)
Hanan Mahmoud Halab (International-Arabic Human Rights Council)
Najib Jabraeel (Egypt Human Rights Union)