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Return Camp Liberty residents to Ashraf to prevent another massacre: Rajavi


Maryam Rajavi at the Auver-sur Oise memorial ceremony
Maryam Rajavi at the Auver-sur Oise memorial ceremony
Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance declared on Monday there is no guarantee for the protection and well-being of Camp Liberty residents and the only way to prevent future killings is to impel the Iraqi government to return 3,100 defenseless residents to Camp Ashraf where they lived for 26 years.
Mrs. Rajavi, participating in a memorial ceremony held for the six PMOI members killed and over 100 others wounded in the February 9th attack, stressed the United Nations Security Council and other international bodies must obligate the Iraqi government to open Liberty’s gates upon lawyers, journalists, parliamentary delegations and American and European political dignitaries to come and see the unacceptable conditions and dangers threatening the residents.


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