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Tens of thousands of youth clashed with State security Forces in Tehran’s Stadium

On Sunday, the angry youth of Tehran took advantage of gathering at Freedom Stadium for watching the soccer match which they converted into a big anti-government demonstration and a lot more gatherings from the stadium to the city center. The demonstration started when thousands poured into the playground immediately after the end of the game and clashed with the State Security Forces. According to the state media, tens of thousands of angry youth, in different locations and neighborhoods, from the stadium to the downtown, staged demonstrations, chanted anti-regime slogans and attacked the government centers and vehicles and expressed their anger towards the clerical regime. According to the state run media, simultaneous with the Azadi Stadium, demonstrations and clashes occurred at Sharan, Shahrak Gharb, Ferdous Bolevard, Aryashahr, Saadat Abad and many other Tehran’s regions. The state media wrote: 400 people gathered at Shahran but this gathering was turned into the scene of clashes with the State Security Forces. In Azadi Stadium, over 10,000 people rushed into the play ground and clashed with suppressive State Security Forces (SSF). The SSF entered its anti-riot unit and beat the people with baton. According to the governmental Fars News Agency, the glasses of more than 100 vehicles were broken and 130 demonstrators were injured. Tehran’s deputy prosecutor announced 48 were arrested in Tehran on Sunday. In other Iranian cities the youth rushed into streets and clashed with State Security Forces. In Maimand, southern Iranian city, in Fars province, a 25-yr youth was shot by the SSF agents and was transferred to hospital. In Yasouj, another southern Iranian city, the SSF attacked the youth and beat them; the youth reacted and clashed with the SSF.


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