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Iran: Hand amputation of a 29 year old young man in Shiraz in public


Hand amputation of a 29 year old man in Shiraz by Mullahs' regime
Hand amputation of a 29 year old man in Shiraz by Mullahs' regime

The inhuman mullahs’ regime, in a brutal and inhuman crime, amputated the hand of a 29 year old man in public in Shiraz on Thursday. He was charged with stealing. According to the regime Judiciary in Fars province, in addition to hand amputation, he was condemned to 3 years prison term and 99 lashes. A number of other prisoners in Shiraz have also been condemned to punishments such as amputation, jail and lashes.
Henchman Ali Alghasi, Shiraz prosecutor, called implementation of hand amputation a “serious warning” to all who “cause insecurity”. He emphasized: “Decisive and intolerant attitude is in the Judiciary’s agenda”.
Hand amputation and execution of youngsters chargeds with stealing is taking place while in the mullahs’ regime, besides annihilation of the country’s human assets, wealth and assets of the country are either thrown at ominous well of nuclear, terrorism and export of fundamentalism projects or to the bank accounts of the regime leaders. There is hardly a day that in the regime’s leaders infighting, billion dollar embezzlements and stealing by various factions within the regime, massive income from drug smuggling or human trafficking of Iranian women and girls and other corruption and theft, are not exposed.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
January 24, 2013