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IRAN: Execution of Two Young Men, 20 and 23, for Stealing Less Than 35 Euros


Execution, a tool of suppression by Mullahs' regime
Execution, a tool of suppression by Mullahs' regime

On Sunday morning, January 20th, the anti-human mullahs’ regime publically hanged Alireza Mafiha, 20, and Mohammad-Ali Sarvari, 23, accused of Moharebeh (waging war against God) and corruption on earth. The two young men were accused of stealing 150 thousand toumans (less than 35 euros) while carrying cold weapons. Regime’s objective of this atrocious crime, where even the plaintiffs were against this sentence, is to create an atmosphere of horror, fear, and absolute repression in order to prevent formation of any protest movement especially as the sham presidential elections are approaching.
According to government-controlled media, the theft had occurred less than 7 weeks ago on December 2nd, and the two youths were arrested on December 15. That means the entire process leading to executions took only 6 weeks; the head of the sham court was regime’s henchman judge Salavati who has a dreadful record filled with arbitrary and criminal executions and must be brought to justice for crimes against humanity.
The first defendant’s father was killed during the  war with Iraq  and his mother is an underserved working woman; he committed this crime to pay for his mother’s 4 million toumans (1,000 euros) in medical expenses.
Two other defendants in this case who are 21 and 23, are sentenced to 10 years in prison and 5 years of exile; they are both unemployed and belong to underserved populations. 
Criminal executions of these two young men accused of forceful possession, waging war against God, and corruption on earth are taking place while the mullahs’ regime and its leaders are indeed the ones who have, for three decades, waged a war against the people of Iran, are engaged in destruction of the country’s economic infrastructure and its young generations, are corrupting the Iranian homeland, have forced themselves upon each and every Iranian citizen, have turned Iran into a large prison, have destroyed the country’s human resources especially the youth, and through plundering the enormous wealth of the country, have forced the people into poverty. The source of all abnormalities in the country, including poverty, corruption, theft, and addiction is none other than the anti-human regime of the mullahs and the way towards solving social problems in Iran is only paved through overthrowing this regime and establishing democracy in Iran.

Secretariat of the National Council of resistance of Iran
January 20, 2013