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Iraqi protests, demonstrations continuing in Neinawa and Ramadi


Al-Anbar demonstration against Maliki
Al-Anbar demonstration against Maliki
The Neinawa Provincial Council announced all government officials, except those involved in public services, will be on hunger strike for three days starting Sunday. Arab tribes in the oil-rich city of Kirkuk also decided to stage demonstrations for the immediate release of all innocent prisoners from Nouri Maliki’s prisoners.
Al-Rafedein TV reported due to the death of a Ramadi prisoner at the hands of Maliki’s forces in Baghdad, the people in this city have become furious.
Mohammad Awad al-Halbousi was arrested 5 days ago and his corpse was given to his family last Thursday with numerous signs of torture. Maliki’s forces threatened this family they will be arrested if they hold a ceremony for their slain loved one.


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