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Maryam Rajavi reiterated necessity of referring mullahs’ crimes dossier to UN Security Council and prosecution of its leaders



Following adoption of resolution on human rights violations by UN General Assembly, Mrs. Rajavi reiterated the necessity of referring dossier of the crimes of mullahs ruling Iran to the Security Council and prosecution of its leaders


Welcoming the adoption of 58th resolution condemning human rights violations in Iran in the Third Committee of the United Nations General Assembly, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, said, “This resolution doubles the necessity of referring the dossier of the crimes of mullahs ruling Iran to the Security Council and imposing comprehensive sanctions against this regime and prosecution of its leaders. This regime, which has executed 120,000 political prisoners, has ignored 58 past UN resolutions, has refused the visit of Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights and other thematic Special Rapporteurs to Iran, and systematically violates all human rights standards.”
Mrs. Rajavi further added, “While political prisoners are murdered under torture, political activists kidnapped and disappeared, mass executions and arbitrary arrests, torturing prisoners by depriving them from medical needs and etc. are all increasing, it would not be sufficient to only condemn this regime. This regime must be held accountable and rejected from the international community; keeping silent and inaction of world community vis-à-vis this religious dictatorship must come to the end.”
Mrs. Rajavi urged all Iranians, freedom lovers and supporters of the Iranian Resistance across the world to rise up to defend prisoners and to confront mass executions and suppression of women and youth by expanding their campaign to defend human rights.
She added, “While the mullahs’ regime, facing incurable crises and increasing domestic and international isolation, has resorted to unprecedented level of suppression, torture and killings, condemning resolutions are not enough and this inhuman regime must be held accountable and rejected from the international community. This would send a serious message to the Iranian rulers and would be an effective message to the Iranian people that the international community has ended inaction and silence before religious dictatorship.”
She warned all those who try to overlook human rights violations in Iran and oppose taking effective international measure in this regard to understand that the mullahs ruling Iran have no future and any political and economic investment on this regime is doomed to fail.
Although this resolution covers only a fraction of the mullahs’ crimes, it nevertheless shows clearly their animosity towards recognized human rights principles by exercising torture, extra-judicial killings, secret mass executions, execution of children and youth, execution under the pretense of Moharebeh (war with God), stoning, preventing peaceful assemblies, lack of freedom of expression and conscience, censorship of websites, monitoring emails, jamming satellite TV signals, targeting lawyers and journalists, widespread gender discrimination, persecution of ethnic and linguistic minorities, suppression of followers of various religions, systematic use of arbitrary detention and forced disappearance, and arbitrary violation of people’s privacy. 

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
December 20, 2012


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