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We have reached a tough and sensitive ‘bottleneck’: former IRGC chief


Former IRGC chief Mohsen Rezaii
Former IRGC chief Mohsen Rezaii
Mohsen Rezaii, former IRGC chief and current Secretary of the mullahs’ Expediency Council, described the Iranian regime’s present status as ‘tough and sensitive’.
“We truly passed through tough conditions in these four years, from the 2009 sedition and inside talks, to economic sanctions, the developments in Syria and regional challenges in the Persian Gulf all brought about a very difficult four years for us. We have reached a very tough and sensitive bottleneck, and we must pass through this,” Rezaii said in reference to 2009 uprisings following the disputed sham presidential elections.
“A golden opportunity was lost in the recent Baghdad talks and Iran’s negotiating team was not able to manage a win-win game,” he added.


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