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Tribal leaders call for freedom of movement for Iranian dissidents


Camp Liberty
Camp Liberty
Dar Al-Khalij (UAE), 7 Nov 2012 – Iraqi organizations including activists and tribal leaders issued a statement requesting the permission of freedom of movement for Iranian dissidents PMOI stationed in Camp Liberty located near Baghdad.
This statement, signed by dozens of sheikhs, called for “stopping of measures transforming Camp Liberty into a prison, recognizing the residents’ refugee rights, their freedom of movement and permitting human rights organizations, parliamentary delegations and journalists to enter the camp.”
This statement added, “Following the removal of the PMOI from the US terrorist list, we announce with a loud and clear voice that the time of taking advantage of this shameful accusation to continue crackdowns and imposing restrictions on them has come to an end.”
Nearly 3,000 PMOI members from the Camp Ashraf – established in the 1980s – were transferred to a camp near the capital, Baghdad, by the name of Camp Liberty.
These Iranian dissidents have complained of the ‘security atmosphere of the new camp’.
This relocation took place following an agreement between Baghdad and the UN in a step to transfer these individuals to third countries.