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The Kurds’ honorable stance


Al Sabah daily (Palestine), 22 Oct 2012 – A press release issued by 38 Iraqi Kurdistan MPs, political entities and civil society associations welcomed the delisting of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran and called on the United Nations to recognize Camp Liberty as a refugee camp to protect the residents’ rights and provide for their legitimate requests.
This statement clearly states the different stance of the Kurds and distances them completely from the Iranian regime’s influence and control. This indicates an initiative that intends to break the silence against the cruel measures imposed on Ashraf and Liberty residents.
This statement reads: “Ashraf residents have been transferred to a new location named Liberty and a small number have remained in Ashraf to finalize their property. The humanitarian situation in Liberty is very inadequate considering the provision of the most basic necessities.
“Relocating these refugees from Ashraf to Liberty, despite taking place under the supervision of the UN and the US government supporting it, has not been voluntary as the UN Secretary-General had requested. In the mean time, in contrast to what was promised by the UN Special Representative of the Secretary-General in Iraq, Liberty is not a suitable site due to its humanitarian and living conditions.”
The PMOI delisting means a new period has begun in Iran’s modern history. In this period, the Iranian regime is separated from the Iranian people, and based on this the people of the region and the world will head towards approving, supporting and backing the Iranian people and their national resistance that is represented by the National Council of Resistance of Iran.