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Iran: Bazaar strikes, protests continue throughout the country


Many stores remain closed in Iran’s Bazaars
Many stores remain closed in Iran’s Bazaars
Based on reports received from inside Iran, Bazaar strikes and protests over the currency crisis are continuing throughout the country.
In the gold merchants’ bazaar in the central city of Isfahan trade has come to a standstill and in Shiraz, south-central Iran, a number of bazaar merchants have gone on strike and have yet to reopen their stores.
In the Vakil Bazaar even more stores are closed.
Based on these reports, following this month’s Tehran Bazaar uprising, the regime’s intelligence agents have been dispatched in various bazaars across the country and their numbers are increasing daily. In the currency market, moneychangers are refusing to provide any service. They have opened their stores merely because of the regime’s threats, however, there is no currency trade taking place. Money exchanges are taking place in the Bazaar alleys and away from the watchful eyes of the regime’s agents. 


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